TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with NeuroStar

Dr. McDermott is now offering in office TMS for the treatment of Major Depression.

TMS (short for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a treatment for moderate to severe major depression that has failed to respond in a satisfactory manner to several rounds of antidepressant medication therapy and psychotherapy.

TMS uses high intensity magnetic pulses to stimulate neurons in the “mood circuit” in the left frontal part of the brain. This area is called the left prefrontal cortex. Studies have shown that this area of brain may be under active in people who suffer with Major Depression. TMS stimulates the mood circuit to be more normally active.

TMS is not ECT (electroconvulsive or “shock” therapy). With TMS, and unlike ECT, direct current is not delivered to the brain. TMS does not require anesthesia. It is an approximately 20 minute walk in walk out procedure. Patients undergoing TMS are able to go about their normal daily routine after each treatment.

Unlike medication, TMS targets only the Mood circuit. This makes the safety and side effect profile much better compared with medication.